Sunday, October 3, 2010

Neil's B-day and Conference

We had a busy, but fun week!  Neil's birthday was on the 28th.  I felt bad because he had school from 8:00 am-9:00 pm and of course couldn't miss it. :(  And I worked all day.  But we still tried to make it fun. 
Neil just waking up to find his lovely birthday deocorations. :)
I started a tradition.  Every year Neil's presents have a "wrapping theme".  Last year I was mean and chose Hannah Montana/girlie.  I think he loved it. :)
This year, I chose redneck.  I tease him about being redneck, but really he isn't..he just likes to hunt.  There's a difference I guess?  :)
His old school BYU shirt. 
An I-Home!  Yay, a present that I can enjoy too!

Cute birthday boy with all his presents.

On Sunday, Neil and I went to the afternoon conference session with Jill and her hubby Kevin.  We met up with Liza and her boy Jaren for a little picnic lunch in between sessions.  It was such a pretty day and the session was awesome.  Neil and I realized that we've been to at least one session from every conference since we've been dating.  It's fun.

Me and Neil

Me, Lize, Jill
Me and Jill

Me and Lize

Also, we finished our bedroom!  Neil surprised me by bringing home this dresser one day (which I love) and having it makes our room a lot more put together!  Yay!
I posted this picture because I'm proud of my D.I. treasures.  The decoration by the scentsy was $0.50 and the yellow basket was $1.00.  I love finding cheap cute decorations!  (Oh, and I LOVE scentsys!)
And last, I was inspired by my friend Gillian Mohlman to make a wreath.  Wreaths are SO expensive and I really wanted one.  So, I went to the dollar store, spent $10.00 and put it all together!

 Hope everyone else had a good weekend!!


  1. love the new dresser! plus it gives me an excuse to come see you/the apartment! i had fun on sunday! loveee you!

  2. I had so much fun with you girls on sunday! Thanks for letting us share the tickets with you. You decorate SO cute!